Visualise Data

Our dynamic MapViewer makes it easier than ever to view data from multiple sources. Add items to the map, pan around and use the Zoom tools to view your data in greater detail. You can also zoom to your Location and return to the Home Extent using Navigation Tools. Click on an item in the MapViewer to view a pop up box with more information.

Image of how data can be visaulised in geohive

Transparency Preferences

The easy to use Transparency slider gives you more control over the data to suit your needs. Compare and contrast data by adjusting the transparency. This is particularly useful when viewing multiple Basemaps at the same time.

Image of transparency feature

Re-Order Layers

There are 3 Data types available in the MapViewer:
- Map Services (incl. dropdown sub layers)
- Feature Services (sub layers)
- Basemaps
In Selection you can use the arrows to easily reorder items of the same Data Type.

Image of reorder layers feature

Share and Save

Use the Share button to share your GeoHive map on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can also email it or generate a QR code to share your map with colleagues and friends. It is important to disable your popup blocker in advance. Save your map with useful Title, Tags and Description to find it again in the Gallery.

Image of share and save feature

Data Catalogue

Search through the GeoHive Data Catalogue to view descriptions and endpoints for each of the datasets. This easy to use Catalogue has various sub-categories and a search function to enable effortless discovery of REST Services (Map Services and Feature Services), OGC WMS Services, and KML Services.

Image of data catalogue feature

Info Box

Click on the ‘i’ icon beside the data item to discover its metadata. The Info box provides a detailed description of the data, a legend and an option to copy the service URL. It also includes the data administrator contact details if you require further information on the data item.

Image of infobox feature


There are 11 Ordnance Survey Ireland Basemaps available in the GeoHive MapViewer. The latest Aerial imagery is available as 'Aerial Premium' and there are 4 Historical maps dating back to 1837. You can also use the Basemap Selector option in the top right corner of the MapViewer to quickly switch between a colour map, aerial map and a white background.

Image of basemap feature