National Mapping Agreement Map Viewer

Welcome to The National Mapping Agreement (NMA) map viewer.

The viewer gives government departments and public sector bodies access to Ordnance Survey Ireland’s (OSi) geospatial data. The viewer has some GIS tools to help you interrogate the various layers of geospatial information available in the NMA viewer. OSi will work with the various public sector organisations included in the NMA to enhance the level of information available in the viewer over subsequent release phases. We welcome your feedback and opinions on the type of information that you feel would be beneficial to public sector organisations.

The National Map Agreement (NMA) viewer provides access to layers of public sector geospatial information through OSi’s GeoHive service. Public sector bodies are strongly encouraged to make greater use of GI for the effective delivery of public services. The Irish Government’s Public Service Reform Plan advocates the value of using GI to improve public service delivery. The National Geospatial Strategy outlines measures to optimise Ireland’s geospatial infrastructure for government planning and decision making, part of which includes the provision of an authoritative, standardised, maintained core geospatial reference dataset. The NMA agreement was put in place to help increase the use of Geospatial information by public sector bodies in the decision making process.

Public sector bodies can gain access to the National Map Agreement viewer by contacting OSi who will provide a login for your organisation. Submit your application to OSi by filling in the online form at